torsdag, februari 26, 2009

Härskartekniker 3.0

Mattias Svensson lärde oss allt om härskartekniker 2.0. Via Dennis blir jag uppmärksammad på att ett gäng akademiker nu har tagit detta till nästa nivå.

En av de anmälda talarna, Stephen Marglin, menar att marknadsrelationer får samhället att vittra sönder. Han kan knappast ha läst artikeln Free to Trust: Economic Freedom and Social Capital, som visar att centrala institutioner i en marknadsekonomi ökar graden av socialt kapital och tillit människor emellan:
We run cross-country regressions with 51 or 52 countries to explain trust in 1995 or 2000. The EFI is used as a measurement of the degree to which a country’s economy is free, and the variable Generalized trust from the newest version of the World Values Survey is used to measure social capital. Our results indicate that economic freedom overall seems to promote trust, and this is especially the case for one area of the index – Legal structure and security of property rights (EFI2). [..] Aside from the overall index itself, especially one area, Legal structure and security of property rights (EFI2), has a large, statistically significant and possibly causal effect on Trust. That EFI2 stimulates Trust is not difficult to understand. Through the existence of a legal system that is perceived to be fair and effective, economic actors know that voluntary contracts and rules in general are enforceable and can be relied upon. This enables them to trust other actors. But there is a second mechanism as well in that the economic process of exchange, which relies upon the legal system and property rights, can induce dispositions of trust to emerge, or stimulate conscious decisions to trust others on the expectation that they will be trustworthy and that those who are not can oftentimes be detected.

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